I want to share with you what I've learned for over 20 years

I am a multi-instrumentalist, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from Concordia University (Montreal), with over 20 years of experience in performance and more than 10 in teaching.

With a background in Classical Guitar, I went on to find my musical voice through improvised Music. Through the years, I amassed the necessary knowledge and tools to perform in a variety of contexts as diverse as Jazz, Funk, Rock, Folc and World Music amongst others.

Ever the curious mind, I've found myself working as a Musician in the capacities of performer (as both lead and side-man), composer, arranger, producer, researcher and educator.

This versatility allows me a teaching method that focuses on the student's musical tastes, tailoring them into learning tools that gradually promote proficiency and autonomy.

Knowledge isn't really any fun unless it's shared, so I'm sharing mine. The only thing missing is you.

I teach Guitar, Bass and Music Theory from beginner to advanced level

Getting started with the instrument.

Learning chords, strumming patterns and melodies.

Getting started with fingerpicking.

Learning songs for fun with family and friends.

Becoming adept at accompaning a singer.

Building up your technique.

Improving your chord game on the Guitar.

Bettering your accompaniment on the Bass.

Soloing and improvising.

Understanding the elements of Music Theory.

Select the format that best suits you

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