Born in Portugal in 1982, José Brites started studying guitar at the age of 12, quickly becoming his passion. After an early period of busy self-taught song writing, he attended Coimbra’s Music Conservatory and, later on, Jazz classes with Serafim Lopes and others, being one of the founding members of an organization that evolved into being the first and most relevant Jazz schools in the region.

Following his first public presentations, he ventured into his city’s growing improvisation scene and by the age of 18 was a regular in several venues. During the ensuing years he played with professionals and enthusiasts of several walks of life, establishing a reputation of easy going, versatile guitar player with a creative touch and a mind for arrangement.

In between 2012 and 2014 he worked as a music teacher, teaching guitar and music theory to students of all ages, from levels beginner to intermediate.


Having moved to Montreal in late 2014, Joe has played locally in Jazz evenings, funk gigs (as guitarist, bassist and bass-synth keyboardist) and rock presentations.

Currently, he’s looking to extend his professional network thusly establishing himself as a full time musician. Comfortable in genres from rock to jazz to funk to world music, he’ll fit in as lead and/or rhythm guitarist. Dedicated and hard-working, Joe is a reliable young musician who delivers with passion on stages big and small.

Queen (1991) The Show Must Go On

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